Vettel slams new noiseless F1 engines

Reigning four time Formula One Drivers’ world champion Sebastian Vettel has slammed the new noiseless engines of the Formula One cars adding that the new season’s quiet and hybrid engines desperately needed to undergo a makeover to bring back some of the excitement back to the sport.

When a media outlet asked the German what he thought about the new engines, the youngest ever champion in the history of the sport had some choice words for it, adding that they needed to change it.

The reigning world champion is a new entrant in a long line of detractors for the new engines of Formula One, including Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone following the debut of the new, noiseless engines at the Australian Grand Prix earlier this month.

The Red Bull Racing driver has had plenty of time to lend his ear to the new engines which have drawn several comparisons with vacuum cleaners when he had to retire early from the race at Melbourne’s Albert Park. And he mentioned that he definitely wasn’t impressed, adding that he is used to a far higher noise in a bar.

Vettel stated that he was on the pit wall after his retirement and as he saw the cars whizzing by, the only thought that came to his mind is that it was quieter in a bar. Speaking ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend, Vettel mentioned that the new engines are not good for the fans that pay huge money to watch the sport.
The 26 year old stated that he thought Formula One has to be a spectacle and the loud noise was one of the biggest draws from the very beginning. He added the one thing he remembers about his youth was the loud noise when the engines revved and it needs to be brought back.