There Will Be 8 Teams Who Will Be Competing This Time

It has been announced by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile that there will be eight teams that will be competing in the races to be held next year for Formula E. the number has come down as there were 10 teams who took part in the 1st season.

The competition is going to make the 2015-06 calendar more exciting and all the teams have been allowed to make their own vehicles this time.

Although the Formula E races do not see the same speed as in Formula one but the cars so used are fully electric and can produce speeds up to and over 225km/hr or 140mph. the first season saw 10 races at many different locations like London, Beijing, etc. the final race will be held in London on 27th June.

Among the present teams, six will be competing is the second year. The teams are: Andretti, ABT Sportsline, Renault Sports, Mahindra, Virgin Racing Engineering and Ventauri Automobiles. Some of the newcomers like TCR, NEXTEV and Motomatica will also be on line next.

In the inaugural races, teams like Dragon Racing, China Racing and AmlinAguri took part but in the final races, they will not be there in year two. The FIA were not ready to comment on why the teams will not be seen further in the sport but they did say that is very happy with the manufacturing companies that have reached the next round.
Till date the same car is being used for the races: the Renault SRT_01E. That is going to change in 2016. The championship has been made open and the teams are allowed to make new and improved modifications in their vehicles. As of now, the modifications can only be done in inverter, gearbox, the cooling system and the e-motor but from the 3rd season the changes can also be applied on batteries.