Sir Branson Launches Britain’s Latest F1 Team

Sir Richard Branson has launched his recent business enterprise, the newest F1 team of Britain which is called Virgin Racing. The adventurous businessman has revealed that he wanted to bring a noted woman F1 driver during the launch of his team but had to cancel the idea as he had not found anyone good enough. There has been a steady rumour that Branson will buy an F1 team for Britain soon, but the idea got confirmed when the 59 year old industrialist unveiled the team recently at a function. Branson has said that his team will also place some good women drivers. “We would love to have some women drivers in the team, we have serious look out around the world,” Branson said during the launch of Virgin Racing.

“F1 is an exhausting physical sport and that is why there are hardly any female drivers in the circuit. But we will look for some,” Branson added.

When asked about the prospects of women drivers in Virgin Racing team, the CEO of the firm Alex Tai said, “Danica Patrick of IdyCars is a good driver. But the platform of F1 racing is entirely a different discipline.” But the criticisers of Branson has said that the F1 team will not give much profit to him as after phone, space travel, music industry, airlines, now the 59 year old businessman has ventured into speed world. Branson has said that he will provide the latest technology and skilled professionals in his team. Dinngton, south Yorkshire, these places have been chosen for the base of Virgin Racing team. At the end of 2011, the virgin racing team has been renamed as Marussia F1 team as the company signed a pact with Russian car manufacturer Marussia. Timo Glock is one of the best F1 drivers of the Virgin Racing.