Top formula One racing side Red Bull is seeking for an “independent engine supplier” by 2021 as they threaten to exit the sport.

Its racing advisor Helmut Marko made the declaration in an interview ahead of the date when the new engine regulations would be introduced to the sport.

The management are still in talks over the new engine regulations as the sport wants simpler, less noisy and cheaper engines by competing sides. Marko said Red Bull may leave the sport if they are not pleased with the final engine rules when it is introduced.

Marko says there are enough companies that can make a simple racing engine that fits the requirements but wanted an independent engine supplier no later than 2021.

Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault are the three factory firms at the moment aside Honda – an independent non-constructor supplier. Marko may want the FIA to get an independent manufacturer to make engines for non-factory teams whilst probably subsidizing it as he wants it to cost not more than ten million.

There are firms that can do this like Judd, Cosworth or even Ford and Audi. They would design the engines for the non-factory sides like Red Bull, Sauber, Williams and the rest. The sport currently allows for independent engine suppliers but the complex engine formula and associated costs are barring many companies from venturing into it.

Though Red Bull won four straight Driver’s and Constructor’s Championship between 2010 and 2013, they seem to be struggling. They have been struggling in the Championship and they have threatened to exit the game many times. They have pushed for engine equalization severally but top sides would not supply their engines. The decision to switch to Honda engines has hurt them as they have failed to get victories.