Criteria Get Tough For Young Drivers

A new rule has come into the foray that wishful drivers who wants to join Formula F1 team have to be at least of 18 years of age which would then satisfy the system of points under the rule. The new rules are going to be introduced in 2016.

Super License is what has to be gained by the governing body. There are points which are fixed that the drivers must secure it through sheer patience and performance driven test. In the tenure of three years they have to garner the points in the junior level. It includes completion of 300km together with holding a legitimate driving license in an F1 car.

Max who is 17 years old will not be given the license as he is struggling to make his debut in the F1 list of drivers. If the rules are enforced from the ensuing year then it is a relaxing part for the budding drivers but those who are entering next year it is going to be tough for them to make entry.

In the coming years they have also to reply to the questions relating to the regulations of sporting events. They should also complete the two seasons of championships.

If the rules would have been applicable before then none of the experienced and champions like Vettel and Avon would not have been able to be so successful. The speed should be of racing quality and the limit should be the same. It is the category of the junior season which matters and the points are carried forwarded.

The scenario would be different than what it seems now and nothing would remain the same. In the F1 championships as well there are major tournaments which have different rules and regulations. In a way the decision is right to make the test tough.

Alonso set to be handed lucrative deal by McLaren

Fernando Alonso is set to be handed the most lucrative contract in the history of Formula One is he does, as expected, make his move to McLaren Honda at the end of the season.

Alonso’s move to the British team has been one of the longest transfer sagas in the history of the sport and if he does make the move, the Honda powered team is expected to make it worth it for him.

The Spaniard drove just one season for the team back in 2007 and an announcement regarding his return to the team is expected to be announced once the current season ends after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the press in his native Spain, the deal will be a multiyear deal and will be the biggest in the history of Formula One, surpassing even the $ 150 million three year deal that Sebastian Vettel is expected to sign for Ferrari as he gears up to replace Alonso at the Italian giants.

Alonso was pushing for a one year deal so that he would be free to sign for Mercedes if a vacancy arose at the German outfit in 2016, or with Audi with the manufacturers expected to enter Formula One starting in 2016 but McLaren have put a £ 25 million a year, two year deal with the option of a third year.

Both the parties agreed on a multiyear deal which will see the Spanish former double world champion become the front man for the new project that McLaren has undertaken with Honda as its engine providers as they look to return to winning ways.

The Spaniard is expected to replace British driver Jenson Button for the team with rookie driver Kevin Magnussen as his understudy in the team.

Formula One officials considering suggestions to improve safety measures for drivers

Formula One has always been a sport which is widely associated with risk. Each of the teams tries to outdo each other as their drivers fight it out on the race track. But one cannot deny the fact that a lot of risk is involved in the process. A number of safety measures were taken by the FIA after the sad demise of Ayrton Senna on the track in 1994. It was one of the worst days in the history of Formula One as the Williams driver met with a fatal accident. There has not been any such death on the track since then but accidents have not been uncommon either. The latest in this regard that has fuelled a lot of debate about the safety of the sport is the crash of Jules Bianchi. The Marussia driver crashed against a safety car in the Japanese Grand Prix. With the typhoon setting in Japan it was a difficult condition anyway for the drivers to tackle.
Charlie Whiting who is the director of the Grand Prix races will look into the matter. Investigations will be carried out regarding the cause of the crash. Each of the drivers seemed very upset about the accident as they showed their concern for their fellow competitor who is presently fighting for his life in the hospital. The drivers have been vocal about their safety although they have also agreed that each of them have taken to the sport knowing the huge risk involved with it. A number of suggestions are being concerned involving the cars designed with a cockpit so that major head injuries might be avoided. There has also been a plea not to let any heavy recovery vehicle enter the track during the course of a race in order to remove a car.

Alonso rumoured to be on his way out of Ferrari

Fernando Alonso is rumored to leave Ferrari after the end of this season. He has been this centre of attraction in Formula One this week and has been linked to four different teams in less than five days. Amid all those rumours it has still not been clear for whom he will drive for next season.
According to media reports Alonso and Sebastian Vettel could be seen in a seat-swap next season. The former World Champion was very annoyed when he was asked about his future next season. In an interview with a media outlet the Spaniard said that he thinks has been commenting about his future for 13months now and there is nothing new to say. He also added that sometimes Italy creates these strange rumours, which are not helping both Ferrari and him to achieve success.
It has also been rumoured that Honda is willing to buy-out Fernando Alonso’s contract with Ferrari. Honda is eager to pay €30 million for securing the services of the Spaniard at their partners McLaren from 2015.
Alonso is one of the oldest active drivers and he wants to win another driving title or two before he retires. Alsono has ability to take the car by the scruff of the neck and force it to the front of the field regardless of his starting position but in all these five years he has not been given a fully competitive car by Ferrari. Alonso’s car this year has been up to 2 seconds a lap slower than the title leading Mercedes Benz racers.
Fernando Alonso has been the hot topic discussion in the F1 circuits and the most solid rumours at the moment seems to be pointing towards him joining Red Bull. But it is still not for whom will he end up driving next season and McLaren with Honda as their partners may be the dark horse.

NASCAR announces new safety rules

As it continues in its efforts to ensure the safety of the drivers, the NASCAR has now announced new regulations regarding the on track protocol following a string of crashes and incidents similar to it.
The officials have released a statement on the website and the majority of the new rules relate to the safety of the drivers and what they are supposed to do during caution.
The drivers across all the levels of the sport have been told that they cannot disconnect any of the safety equipment until and unless they are directed to do so by an official. Following that, the driver must then proceed an emergency vehicle that will be stationed and he also cannot go to the track or approach another car once the car is stationed.
As per the press release, the Vice President of Competition and Racing Development of NASCAR Robin Pemberton, the new rules will only go forward in making the sport better and safer for the drivers and the fans.
He went on to add that the sport has reviewed situations and analysed them throughout its history as well as the occurrences that take place outside the sport too. It is believed that Pemberton was referring to the recent incident between twenty year old Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart in a recent sprint race.
Pemberton makes mention of the fact that these rules have always been in place but in an unwritten form. The reasoning behind making it official was to ensure that protocol is followed during the races and drivers can be punished for not following them if any untoward incident happened during the NASCAR event, on the line of the tragic death of the young rising star Kevin Ward Jr. just last weekend in the United States of America.

Aim for Sauber for Marussia

With the progress of Formula 1the team of F1 Marussia is moving ahead and away after the positive strides. Two weeks before at Silverstone, the qualifying session for the team was its best. Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi also progressed with comfort into round two and finally qualifying for the twelfth and the thirteenth.

Though the competition was not as strong in the Constructors Championship the position of being ninth was maintained. They were ahead of Caterham and Sauber and are looking forward to the Grand Prix of the German. The season of 2014 is going to be positive as they hope. Bianchi has won in the track in the category of the juniors. At the F1 circuit it is going to be his first time. Bianchi wants to prove that they are equal to Sauber.

John Booth the team principal of Marussia hopes of being close to Sauber as they had a confident test at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix. So a strong Grand Prix of the German is what is expected. The Anglo-Russian team received its best result of the qualifying round in Formula 1 with Marussia celebrating. Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi got through the Q2 with comfort. Bianchi was 12th along with Chilton. Lot of big names were seen at Silverstone. Bottas, Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen were all eliminated in the round of Q1 itself.

While Marussia is overwhelmed with the response and performance which they are undergoing Bianchi was in the ninth place after scoring the first ever points for his team. Chilton is hoping to get a view to witness two Ferraris in their mirrors of rear view of the grid. At the home of grand prix for Chilton will be aiming to move ahead of Raikkonen and Alonso.

Sir Branson Launches Britain’s Latest F1 Team

Sir Richard Branson has launched his recent business enterprise, the newest F1 team of Britain which is called Virgin Racing. The adventurous businessman has revealed that he wanted to bring a noted woman F1 driver during the launch of his team but had to cancel the idea as he had not found anyone good enough. There has been a steady rumour that Branson will buy an F1 team for Britain soon, but the idea got confirmed when the 59 year old industrialist unveiled the team recently at a function. Branson has said that his team will also place some good women drivers. “We would love to have some women drivers in the team, we have serious look out around the world,” Branson said during the launch of Virgin Racing.

“F1 is an exhausting physical sport and that is why there are hardly any female drivers in the circuit. But we will look for some,” Branson added.

When asked about the prospects of women drivers in Virgin Racing team, the CEO of the firm Alex Tai said, “Danica Patrick of IdyCars is a good driver. But the platform of F1 racing is entirely a different discipline.” But the criticisers of Branson has said that the F1 team will not give much profit to him as after phone, space travel, music industry, airlines, now the 59 year old businessman has ventured into speed world. Branson has said that he will provide the latest technology and skilled professionals in his team. Dinngton, south Yorkshire, these places have been chosen for the base of Virgin Racing team. At the end of 2011, the virgin racing team has been renamed as Marussia F1 team as the company signed a pact with Russian car manufacturer Marussia. Timo Glock is one of the best F1 drivers of the Virgin Racing.

Vettel slams new noiseless F1 engines

Reigning four time Formula One Drivers’ world champion Sebastian Vettel has slammed the new noiseless engines of the Formula One cars adding that the new season’s quiet and hybrid engines desperately needed to undergo a makeover to bring back some of the excitement back to the sport.

When a media outlet asked the German what he thought about the new engines, the youngest ever champion in the history of the sport had some choice words for it, adding that they needed to change it.

The reigning world champion is a new entrant in a long line of detractors for the new engines of Formula One, including Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone following the debut of the new, noiseless engines at the Australian Grand Prix earlier this month.

The Red Bull Racing driver has had plenty of time to lend his ear to the new engines which have drawn several comparisons with vacuum cleaners when he had to retire early from the race at Melbourne’s Albert Park. And he mentioned that he definitely wasn’t impressed, adding that he is used to a far higher noise in a bar.

Vettel stated that he was on the pit wall after his retirement and as he saw the cars whizzing by, the only thought that came to his mind is that it was quieter in a bar. Speaking ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend, Vettel mentioned that the new engines are not good for the fans that pay huge money to watch the sport.
The 26 year old stated that he thought Formula One has to be a spectacle and the loud noise was one of the biggest draws from the very beginning. He added the one thing he remembers about his youth was the loud noise when the engines revved and it needs to be brought back.


John Button the father of Jenson Button has expired at the age of 70. It is suspected that he had a heart attack. He was a regular figure in the paddock of Formula One and he will surely be missed by a lot of people. Jenson Button the McLaren driver and also one of the most promising faces in the Formula One field is heartbroken.

It is something that you never call for and something that you don’t expect either. It is quite a setback just before the start of the season. However everyone believes that Jenson will recover from this and will be more determined to win the championship this season. One of the statements that were released to the local press said that John France passed away when he was at home in France and it was a friend of his who discovered this and gave the news of his tragic death. Although people are still waiting for the confirmation the initial signs have clearly indicated that it was a heart attack.

Natasha, Tanya, Samantha and Jenson and also the rest of John’s family is devastated and has requested for some privacy so that they can deal with matters at this difficult time. When asked from his friends they said that John was doing quite well recently and no one expected such a thing to happen. It is a very unfortunate thing that has happened to the family and since he was the head of the family it would be a difficult time for them to manage with everything. John’s friends, relatives and everyone who was close will be at his funeral. John had the opportunity to witness his son winning the championship in the year 2009. He attended almost all the Grand Prix and was a huge support for Jenson.

Horner plays down rumors

Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull, played down the reports that he might run Formula One. The reports appear since Bernie Ecclestone called him as the right candidate to take his place in Formula One as the commercial chief of the motor sport.

Christian Horner, whose team Red Bull dominated Formula One for the past 4 years, told that it is very flattering what Ecclestone has said, but he would to be here for a long time to come. Speaking to a leading channel in Sao Paulo, he told that Bernie is in good shape and he is still doing some great deals for the sport.

Bernie Ecclestone, who has turned Formula 1 into a worldwide money spinner in the last forty years, has ignored dialogues of retirement. Now he is 83 years old and he is battling legal challenges linking to a business deal in 2005.

Earlier, speaking to Brit reporters, Bernie told that he would prefer to hand over his job to the current Red Bull chief. He told that Horner would be ideal for the job. He would be happy to hold his hand. They could have a transitional time. This requires someone who knows the game.

Meanwhile, Private equity firm CVC, which is also the biggest stakeholder in Formula 1, denied saying anything about the reports.

Ecclestone is confronting a US$ 100 million damage claims over allegements that he devalued the business when CVC moved into as the biggest shareholder.