NASCAR announces new safety rules

As it continues in its efforts to ensure the safety of the drivers, the NASCAR has now announced new regulations regarding the on track protocol following a string of crashes and incidents similar to it.
The officials have released a statement on the website and the majority of the new rules relate to the safety of the drivers and what they are supposed to do during caution.
The drivers across all the levels of the sport have been told that they cannot disconnect any of the safety equipment until and unless they are directed to do so by an official. Following that, the driver must then proceed an emergency vehicle that will be stationed and he also cannot go to the track or approach another car once the car is stationed.
As per the press release, the Vice President of Competition and Racing Development of NASCAR Robin Pemberton, the new rules will only go forward in making the sport better and safer for the drivers and the fans.
He went on to add that the sport has reviewed situations and analysed them throughout its history as well as the occurrences that take place outside the sport too. It is believed that Pemberton was referring to the recent incident between twenty year old Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart in a recent sprint race.
Pemberton makes mention of the fact that these rules have always been in place but in an unwritten form. The reasoning behind making it official was to ensure that protocol is followed during the races and drivers can be punished for not following them if any untoward incident happened during the NASCAR event, on the line of the tragic death of the young rising star Kevin Ward Jr. just last weekend in the United States of America.