Horner plays down rumors

Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull, played down the reports that he might run Formula One. The reports appear since Bernie Ecclestone called him as the right candidate to take his place in Formula One as the commercial chief of the motor sport.

Christian Horner, whose team Red Bull dominated Formula One for the past 4 years, told that it is very flattering what Ecclestone has said, but he would to be here for a long time to come. Speaking to a leading channel in Sao Paulo, he told that Bernie is in good shape and he is still doing some great deals for the sport.

Bernie Ecclestone, who has turned Formula 1 into a worldwide money spinner in the last forty years, has ignored dialogues of retirement. Now he is 83 years old and he is battling legal challenges linking to a business deal in 2005.

Earlier, speaking to Brit reporters, Bernie told that he would prefer to hand over his job to the current Red Bull chief. He told that Horner would be ideal for the job. He would be happy to hold his hand. They could have a transitional time. This requires someone who knows the game.

Meanwhile, Private equity firm CVC, which is also the biggest stakeholder in Formula 1, denied saying anything about the reports.

Ecclestone is confronting a US$ 100 million damage claims over allegements that he devalued the business when CVC moved into as the biggest shareholder.