Formula One officials considering suggestions to improve safety measures for drivers

Formula One has always been a sport which is widely associated with risk. Each of the teams tries to outdo each other as their drivers fight it out on the race track. But one cannot deny the fact that a lot of risk is involved in the process. A number of safety measures were taken by the FIA after the sad demise of Ayrton Senna on the track in 1994. It was one of the worst days in the history of Formula One as the Williams driver met with a fatal accident. There has not been any such death on the track since then but accidents have not been uncommon either. The latest in this regard that has fuelled a lot of debate about the safety of the sport is the crash of Jules Bianchi. The Marussia driver crashed against a safety car in the Japanese Grand Prix. With the typhoon setting in Japan it was a difficult condition anyway for the drivers to tackle.
Charlie Whiting who is the director of the Grand Prix races will look into the matter. Investigations will be carried out regarding the cause of the crash. Each of the drivers seemed very upset about the accident as they showed their concern for their fellow competitor who is presently fighting for his life in the hospital. The drivers have been vocal about their safety although they have also agreed that each of them have taken to the sport knowing the huge risk involved with it. A number of suggestions are being concerned involving the cars designed with a cockpit so that major head injuries might be avoided. There has also been a plea not to let any heavy recovery vehicle enter the track during the course of a race in order to remove a car.