Ferrari To Spruce Up Operations

There are F1 reports that showcase the relative positions of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.

There have been discussions about Ferrari’s performance on the race tracks this year and the reasons that the company could be falling behind. As per experts like Marc Priestley, who was a former mechanic at McLaren and Mike Gascoyne who was an engineer and F1 designer, Natalie Pinkham obtained requisite details from them. As per the expert views, Ferrari seems to be going backward as the first half of the season this year has not been good for the company. The Scuderia machine had a lot of promise as it was showcased in 2015. However, till now the machine is yet to win races. It has been overtaken by challengers in other teams like Red Bull and Mercedes.

Ferrari is definitely facing challenges this year. The technical director of the company departed, James Allison, who was a respected figure in the industry. The Ferrari president is looking to change the way the technical teams work inside the company so that the issues of failure can be addressed. In the constructor championship, we find the company falling behind competitors like Red Bull and Mercedes.

The experts feel that the problem lies in the old approach that the company undertook where they chop and change when success does not come their way. With a team like Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn and Jean Todt they had stability and success. Today the once glamorous team seems to be nowhere close to winning a title that had been a constant in earlier times. As a decade comes to a close, it is necessary that Ferrari starts to make changes that are more fundamental and address the issues that are preventing their team from getting in the top of the line.