Criteria Get Tough For Young Drivers

A new rule has come into the foray that wishful drivers who wants to join Formula F1 team have to be at least of 18 years of age which would then satisfy the system of points under the rule. The new rules are going to be introduced in 2016.

Super License is what has to be gained by the governing body. There are points which are fixed that the drivers must secure it through sheer patience and performance driven test. In the tenure of three years they have to garner the points in the junior level. It includes completion of 300km together with holding a legitimate driving license in an F1 car.

Max who is 17 years old will not be given the license as he is struggling to make his debut in the F1 list of drivers. If the rules are enforced from the ensuing year then it is a relaxing part for the budding drivers but those who are entering next year it is going to be tough for them to make entry.

In the coming years they have also to reply to the questions relating to the regulations of sporting events. They should also complete the two seasons of championships.

If the rules would have been applicable before then none of the experienced and champions like Vettel and Avon would not have been able to be so successful. The speed should be of racing quality and the limit should be the same. It is the category of the junior season which matters and the points are carried forwarded.

The scenario would be different than what it seems now and nothing would remain the same. In the F1 championships as well there are major tournaments which have different rules and regulations. In a way the decision is right to make the test tough.