John Button the father of Jenson Button has expired at the age of 70. It is suspected that he had a heart attack. He was a regular figure in the paddock of Formula One and he will surely be missed by a lot of people. Jenson Button the McLaren driver and also one of the most promising faces in the Formula One field is heartbroken.

It is something that you never call for and something that you don’t expect either. It is quite a setback just before the start of the season. However everyone believes that Jenson will recover from this and will be more determined to win the championship this season. One of the statements that were released to the local press said that John France passed away when he was at home in France and it was a friend of his who discovered this and gave the news of his tragic death. Although people are still waiting for the confirmation the initial signs have clearly indicated that it was a heart attack.

Natasha, Tanya, Samantha and Jenson and also the rest of John’s family is devastated and has requested for some privacy so that they can deal with matters at this difficult time. When asked from his friends they said that John was doing quite well recently and no one expected such a thing to happen. It is a very unfortunate thing that has happened to the family and since he was the head of the family it would be a difficult time for them to manage with everything. John’s friends, relatives and everyone who was close will be at his funeral. John had the opportunity to witness his son winning the championship in the year 2009. He attended almost all the Grand Prix and was a huge support for Jenson.