The factory driver Fernando Alonso has said that he still retains the former McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton as one of his important competitors for the F1 world championship title.

Alonso came extremely close to winning the title last season. He has not managed to lift the F1 world championship title winning it with Renault back in 2006. Ahead of the 2013 season, there is a lot of optimism within the Ferrari camp after a strong finish to the 2012 season. Despite starting the last season very poorly, Alonso was able to take the title race to the last day of the season.

The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton, who shares an intense rivalry with Alonso, was not challenging for the title for the majority of the season. He recently left McLaren for Mercedes or a three-year deal. This has raised many eyebrows because Mercedes have not been able to challenge even for a couple of victories in the three years they have spent in recent times. Despite the poor form of Mercedes, Alonso is confident that Hamilton will remain as one of the key men to watch for the 2013 season. Alonso has also praised Vettel by saying that he completely deserves his third consecutive world championship title.

“I do not know who will be my main opponent for this season, he who has the best team, with the best year in terms of preparation, luck, testing, all of these factors, will help a driver or team to come on top of others. But as for strongest opponent, who is strongest driver? My answer is Hamilton. It was true last year, it was true this year. The strongest driver? It is a personal opinion, not political, not to make people think something,” said Alonso. Ferrari will be unveiling the new car in the next few days.