Aim for Sauber for Marussia

With the progress of Formula 1the team of F1 Marussia is moving ahead and away after the positive strides. Two weeks before at Silverstone, the qualifying session for the team was its best. Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi also progressed with comfort into round two and finally qualifying for the twelfth and the thirteenth.

Though the competition was not as strong in the Constructors Championship the position of being ninth was maintained. They were ahead of Caterham and Sauber and are looking forward to the Grand Prix of the German. The season of 2014 is going to be positive as they hope. Bianchi has won in the track in the category of the juniors. At the F1 circuit it is going to be his first time. Bianchi wants to prove that they are equal to Sauber.

John Booth the team principal of Marussia hopes of being close to Sauber as they had a confident test at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix. So a strong Grand Prix of the German is what is expected. The Anglo-Russian team received its best result of the qualifying round in Formula 1 with Marussia celebrating. Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi got through the Q2 with comfort. Bianchi was 12th along with Chilton. Lot of big names were seen at Silverstone. Bottas, Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen were all eliminated in the round of Q1 itself.

While Marussia is overwhelmed with the response and performance which they are undergoing Bianchi was in the ninth place after scoring the first ever points for his team. Chilton is hoping to get a view to witness two Ferraris in their mirrors of rear view of the grid. At the home of grand prix for Chilton will be aiming to move ahead of Raikkonen and Alonso.