Bruno Senna For McLaren

Senna and Derani are picked by McLaren for the 24 hours entry in the third Spa event.



After taking ninth on the grid to qualify for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix holding at Dusk in Sunday this weekend, Fernando Alonso believes that the McLaren Honda formula 1 Team could be happy enough with the outcome.


Ferrari To Spruce Up Operations

There are F1 reports that showcase the relative positions of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari.


Former Manor Boss To Join Toro Rosso

The manor team principal John Booth would be returning to the F1 paddock as he was announced as the director for Toro Rosso.

Booth had left Manor along with the sport director Graeme Lowdon at the end of last season. With immediate effect, he will now take up this position and join his team in the race going to be held in Russia this weekend. Well, this step was taken with an objective to help raise the race for the Italian squad. Franz Tost, the principal of the Toro Rosso team said that he has known Booth for several years and he is more than happy to welcome him to join his team.

Fernando Alonso to go through check-up before racing return

Former double world champion Fernando Alonso will undergo strict medical checkups under the medical team of the FIA before being passed it to race in Malaysian Grand Prix, following his crash in pre-season that knocked him unconscious and caused concussion.


There Will Be 8 Teams Who Will Be Competing This Time

It has been announced by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile that there will be eight teams that will be competing in the races to be held next year for Formula E. the number has come down as there were 10 teams who took part in the 1st season.

The competition is going to make the 2015-06 calendar more exciting and all the teams have been allowed to make their own vehicles this time.


Criteria Get Tough For Young Drivers

A new rule has come into the foray that wishful drivers who wants to join Formula F1 team have to be at least of 18 years of age which would then satisfy the system of points under the rule. The new rules are going to be introduced in 2016.


Alonso set to be handed lucrative deal by McLaren

Fernando Alonso is set to be handed the most lucrative contract in the history of Formula One is he does, as expected, make his move to McLaren Honda at the end of the season.

Alonso's move to the British team has been one of the longest transfer sagas in the history of the sport and if he does make the move, the Honda powered team is expected to make it worth it for him.


Formula One officials considering suggestions to improve safety measures for drivers

Formula One has always been a sport which is widely associated with risk. Each of the teams tries to outdo each other as their drivers fight it out on the race track. But one cannot deny the fact that a lot of risk is involved in the process. A number of safety measures were taken by the FIA after the sad demise of Ayrton Senna on the track in 1994. It was one of the worst days in the history of Formula One as the Williams driver met with a fatal accident. There has not been any such death on the track since then but accidents have not been uncommon either.


Alonso rumoured to be on his way out of Ferrari

Fernando Alonso is rumored to leave Ferrari after the end of this season. He has been this centre of attraction in Formula One this week and has been linked to four different teams in less than five days. Amid all those rumours it has still not been clear for whom he will drive for next season.